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The wear by time of grudges in a couple, Salomon Mbutcho

Mr Salomon Mbutcho presents grudges in Love or in general through this text, as being a tough feeling that can be very harmful if we do not get rid of it quickly. They are due to the resurgence of painful memories of an alleged offense or harm suffered without comprehensible reasons or justifications, and which remains deeply rooted in the heart of its holder, constantly nourishing him with hostility accompanied by an inalienable desire to revenge. Contrary to many human lines of character, and comparing Love to a good dish to prepare, grudges that taste like bile, are not at all an ingredient that would season a meal well, moreover, the less there will be, the better the dish will be.

Mr Salomon Mbutcho thinks that grudges are an ingredient without which you can obtain everything from your spouse, and with which you can lose everything, since it is in reality a pure by-product of excess pride. Whether you’re right or wrong in any romance story, grudge is the last thing you have to hold onto. The fact that the holder of the grudge has a feeling of a right to a sure or eventual revenge, shows that his feeling does indeed come from its’ excess of pride. Grudge is purely revenge in an unsatisfied state, so it befits us all to think carefully about who tries to grant us this right completely opposed to the word of God (Hebrews 10:30, 31). In His word He clearly says that vengeance and retribution are His.

Because satan is cunning, he takes advantage of our arguments and passages of arguments, to quietly film the events and preselect the scenes that will touch our self-esteem, put us to the maximum in a state of boiling, frustration and desire of revenge. To achieve his goals, he plays and re-plays the parts in which we have been injured, looping them like commercials for Indian movies (from India), until our frustration turns into physical pain which in its turn turns into a right of revenge, while our conscience turns into a judge of the application of sentences.

And yet until then, it is important to understand that we are then in a state of extreme vulnerability, since satan holds us exactly where he wants us, in his pocket. Our frustration is great and our self-esteem is wounded, so we are ready to do anything to do our own justice. Satan then succeeded in making us believe that no one had the right to tell us or do to us anything that would hurt us and that once the evil was said or done against us, that would give us the right by special exemption (from him of course) to prepare for revenge.

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