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The ten commandments of real estate – Salomon Mbutcho

To avoid any misunderstandings during the reading of this text, Mr. Salomon Mbutcho would like to declare from the beginning that his writings are neither parodies nor blasphemy, but very simple professional metaphors extra contextual transposed and inspired. May the Lord be glorified, Amen.

If Mr. Salomon Mbutcho would like us to love each other, the ethics of real estate are strictly limited to imposing respect for each other for a start, Love will come after. Here are the Ten Real Estate Commandments, as they must be for better practice, ways and ethics of the real estate business, according to Mr. Salomon Mbutcho.

I am Real Estate, your new profession, which requires you to get out of your comfort zone, to review your copy, to do what is professionally and ethically good and pleasant in the eyes of third parties, so that your days of exercise are long and that your children can inherit it.

1- You shall have no other activity or job but real estate and shall not make false statements or representations of existing or future products, nor will you declare a product sold or leased as available, for the purpose of collecting any commission.

You shall have no other activity because they will hinder the good quality, productivity and reputation of this meticulous profession that will punish your ruthless failings by penalty, bank blockages or prison, but which nevertheless will be merciful to all those who apply it properly and keep its commandments.

2- You shall not make any commitments without being able to respect them, because the ways and ethics of real estate will not allow it for long.

3- In order to refresh yourself intellectually, to avoid burn out due to overwork, and that can cause damage resulting in the loss of everything you have hard earned over the years, remember to take a day off, to give yourself a personal time, to have some time to spend with your family or to run your personal administrative errands.

4- Honor your landlord, host or bank that granted you the housing loan, through making regular payments, so that they can count on you to meet their commitments and to keep your relationship going until you soon become a homeowner.

Honor your tenant, the one you hosted or financed in accordance with your legal and human obligations to him, so that his family can feel safe and that you can prosper in all respects because, you were or could one day be in his place.

5- To all employees of town halls, territorial administration, ministries of urban planning and housing and construction, taxes and estates, land registers, you shall not kill real estate companies.

6- You shall not alter or travesty real estate whatever your argument, neither by creating a new style of operation, nor by creating new ways for it, let alone by creating a new group of actors other than those that currently exist.

7- You shall not steal the property of your neighbor because you are more powerful than him,
You shall not steal the property of your neighbor because you have started your administrative procedures before him,
You shall not steal the property of your neighbor, whether he is in financial difficulties, in prison, on his hospital bed, dead, widowed or orphaned,
You shall not steal the property of your neighbor, whatever your argument.

8- You shall never put yourself at odds nor forge false documents for the purpose of owning, renting or selling someone’s property, or for the purpose of blocking rents from landlords, tenants or subscribers, or in issuing non-compliant invoices, or in supplies of non-compliant materials and/ or qualities of repairs or non-compliant constructions, or any other form of forgery in real estate.

9- You shall not covet the furniture, equipment, materials and people that are inside or outside your neighbor’s property.

10- You shall not covet the property of your neighbor to the extent of paying the remainder of his bank loan during his moments of difficulty in order to appropriate his property, nor create overwhelming problems for him for the sole purpose of appropriating his property.

PS: These writings are neither parodies nor blasphemy, but very simple professional metaphors extra contextual transposed and inspired. May the Lord be glorified, Amen.


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