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The seven capital sins of real estate -Salomon Mbutcho


Postponing your future purchase or sale, postponing the deadline for your constructions, or forgetting to rent your property before it falls apart, postponing repair requested by the tenants, delaying the signing of administrative acts, is a feeling of laziness, an antagonistic attribute to the real estate profession. Everything about land cannot and can never be exercised in torpor because its fruits are only harvested through hard work, leadership skills and a clear vision.


The theory of relativity regularly questions this very selfish feeling, devoid of any real reason because, there will always be a more beautiful or larger plot, a more beautiful or larger house and a more beautiful or larger building. Understanding this aspect of the profession would prevent anyone from wandering endlessly.

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When a non-professional has doubly sold the plot or the house you have just acquired, when the neighbor’s land legally encroaches on yours, when the construction of your house takes much more time and money than expected, when the owner of your house refuses to do repairs while the damage damages your property, when your tenant refuses to pay his rent when you need it the most, when the owner of your house harasses you and intrudes into your family life, and many other reasons as complex as each other, it is better to adopt a response completely opposite to that expected by the opposite party.

However, unlike the grudge that can boast of being offended or hurt, anger does not necessarily have to be hurt in order to hold it against others. It comes from jealousy which in turn emanates from pride. It is recommended not to hate your neighbor in your heart in order not to bear the burden of a charge committed because of the other. The presence of anger in real estate is a clear sign of a very serious illness that could plague your career. The reasons behind anger in real estate are not often as unfounded as they are, however, they highlight its’ cruelty and ability to ruthlessly destroy everything in its path.


When landlords cause prejudice to their tenants by refusing to make the necessary repairs to their rented buildings, when the tenants refuse to make repairs to the parts incumbent on them of the rented houses or apartments, when the landlords refuse to reimburse the deposit to their tenants, when an owner prefers to leave his premises empty in order not to rent it below his bar, when one refuses to pay his loan at the bank because he considers that the bank has too much money, when one decides to reduce the thickness of his roof slab at the time of pouring it, when at the end of the major works of its construction one decides to put cheaper material finishes, when we are basically blind to the point of shooting ourselves in the foot in order not to waste the bullet, it is the height of avarice.

If avarice is a line of character that claims itself to be thrifty, it represents an imminent danger of death to all projects in which it is associated, directly or indirectly. It is antagonistic to the word “project” because it wants to be achievable immediately and now, in a profession of standards, accuracy and amortization over time. You cannot amortize what will no longer exist.


Until today, we have never seen anyone who had the gift of ubiquity. In fact this gift would justify the ownership of several houses through the ability to spend the night in all his residences at the same time. This being as impossible as driving two cars at the same time, it is up to us to make the right decisions. Grabbing too many goods and voraciously coveting the goods of others to the point of preventing them from accessing them is a sinful and dangerous gluttony contrary to the wishes of real estate which wants to be accessible to all without discrimination.


When one invests massively in the construction of its buildings to finally transform them into horehouses or rooms of passage, when one rents or buys a building to accommodate his mistress or her lover there, when one takes refuge in a secondary residence to practice one’s drug addiction, when you savagely and disorderly sell plots or houses to several people at the same time, when you put the goods for sale to the highest bidder when you had previously given your word, when you are in these kinds of situations, whether you like it or not, you are in lust.

Real estate lust is an incompatible feeling with normal real estate, a very strong feeling of freehand allowing its with-holders to grant themselves the rights to not only do whatever they want with their own properties, but also with other people’s properties.


Someone proud is not necessarily someone rich, strong and beautiful or even talented, it is his mixed state of mind that leads him to take himself for much more than he is actually even if it is very little. And it is really this process of taking the hostage of the truth and its subtle replacement that Christians call the prowess of satan.

And yet, philosophically speaking, pride can be considered as traits necessary for the evolution and progression of the human being. It is also important to define and perhaps even circumscribe the reason before speaking of standards, pride or any other character or trait affiliated or grafted, physically or spiritually to the human being having no threshold or right, nor on the left with reason being understood from minus infinity to plus infinity according to the person who refers to it, we will agree from the start on the fact that reason will be like salt in a sauce, they are supposed essential although a question of taste, relativity and perception will come to intervene as for the insufficiency or the excess of their presences.

Normally, we will only talk about it when there is insufficiency or excess. Because human beings are many and different, they will perceive pride in a different way and will assess their quantities in relativity. Where one thinks that a person X is too proud and proud, the other will find on the contrary that it is not so. These two examples cited above confirm the notion of relative perception. The wise say that when it comes to pride, you have to know how to measure the degrees because whether there is too much or too little, there are things in life that you cannot get without it as well as things in life that we lose because of it.

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