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The Art of Wickedness within the couple, by Salomon Mbutcho

Mr. Salomon Mbutcho finds that unlike resentment that can boast of having been offended or hurt, wickedness does not necessarily need to suffer any harm in order to hold grudges against others. In Leviticus 19:17, the Lord recommends against hating one’s neighbor in one’s heart in order not to bear the burden of a sin committed for his sake. Free yourself from it, says the Lord. The presence of wickedness in a relationship is a clear sign of a very serious illness that could gangrene it. It has a cruel aspect which, like a pit bull, never lets go of its victim. The reasons which justify it are often unfounded, highlighting its spinelessness and its capacity to, destroy without mercy everything in its path.


Though wickedness is being a spiritual disease, it also manifests itself physically in the human body when left untreated. Stress, excessive headaches, high blood pressure, and many cardiovascular and nervous diseases, can come from lack of self-release in terms of jealousy and unjustified grudges. In fact, like a plastic bag, wickedness wraps her victim and her own irrational idea, and carries them around with him until his revenge or forfeit is committed. It is in the excess of pride that the distorted human being can find what he may consider as his acquired rights. And it is on this basis that he grants himself the right to revenge. This excessive and compulsive desire has more the features of an obsession or addiction to assured self-destruction.

The ability of the human being to be humble, simple and to see things as they are, in their nature, their reality and in all their beauties and imperfections, will allow them to systematically eliminate wickedness because it is in the humility, simplicity and compassion, that operated Love, this great medicine that surpasses all understanding. Mr. Salomon Mbutcho offers Love as the only remedy that can completely cure wickedness and transform it into another quality that will be better perceived in the eyes of man and GOD, obedience.

During King Solomon’s famous judgment, we could see wickedness at work. Looking more deeply, we realize that from the maternity ward or maybe even the neighborhood, this jealous lady already coveted in her heart, the situation, the beauty or simply the way of being of her victim. When she lost her baby, she did not hesitate for a moment to go straight to grab her victim’s baby and exchange it with her dead one. King Solomon, to whom GOD had given unfailing wisdom, spent his entire life functioning and judging on the basis of Love and Compassion. When the case was posed to him, he decided to slice the baby in half so that each of the so-called mothers would have a piece of it and be satisfied. The one who had extracted and exchanged the baby of her victim was much more satisfied with the verdict given that the latter would now be like her (without a baby). But for the real mother of this baby, who still could not justify the behavior of this lady, it was time for a legal battle, to do everything to get her legitimate child back. For a while, right after King Solomon’s verdict was announced, she believed that evil had won out over good. But when she realized that she was going to lose everything for good, she decided to give her baby to her victim to save his life, if only so that she could occasionally see him having fun in the streets of Jerusalem. The king’s reaction was swift and we all know the end of the story.

It is true that no one can justify the actions of this lady, but this is often how wickedness seems to win battles until that boiling point, according to our faith and desire to really keep our relationship or the reason of our fight, in which the Lord intervenes by coming to the rescue and by freeing the just (Psalms 34:20). Mr. Salomon Mbutcho believes that the best way for a couple to avoid facing wickedness is humility, simplicity, and compassion, without opening up breaches for the enemy. No one can give what he has never received or known. So if you have never received or known Love, submit yourselves very quickly to the word of GOD and connect with brothers and sisters who can guide you correctly because lives are at stake.

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