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Success, VI - Success is part of God's plan in our lives

Success, IV – Not using your success is a fatal omission

When our application has been accepted and that we have to join the national police, the administration organizes a party in honor of the new recruits, and distributes at the same time their work tools, uniforms, weapons, torches, badges, batons etc. All this equipment is granted due to the position occupied. According to Mr Salomon MBUTCHO, success is then an endowment due to the fact of being a child of GOD.

However, many equipped police officers have worked all their lives without having to use their weapons. It is the same for all human beings who are born with their gifts, but have never had to use them, therefore celebrating their successes. The gift would then be like an egg that we must keep, protect, incubate, control its ambient temperature and its hygrometry, so that it can produce a chick or an omelet according to choice. Failing to do so, the egg will never be useful.

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