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Que représentent l’humilité et la simplicité, selon Salomon Mbutcho
Une petite définition de l’infidélité, (extrait de « l’Amour ne fait pas le moine, de Salomon MBUTCHO »)
La sincérité et la gentillesse
Quels sont les fruits de la simplicité et de l’humilité, selon Salomon Mbutcho
Success, VI - Success is part of God's plan in our lives

Success, III – My definition of success

It would be great for us to define success together as: « the ability of a human being to seek, find, identify, enjoy and share his gift, while developing others » (Romans 12:6, to 9), and also define wealth as « the unit of conversion of the amount of spiritual and financial success in a given field », it means that the wealth obtained from the gift is not only financial but also spiritual.

If in these cases of definitions, the real numbers of successful people will be restricted and dissociated from careerism, it is because we must consider that any real and lasting success comes from GOD, and is not only a spiritual or financial wealth of which on must benefit alone. It must also manifest itself in the medium term on others (our loved ones) in a systematic way at the same time as it must benefit them.

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