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No possible success without failure? According to Salomon Mbutcho

Mr Salomon Mbutcho would like to talk in this article about our reactions to failure because it is not often perceived in the same way by people. Reading the different reactions will tell a lot about what is yet to come. The New World celebrates wealth, success, and rebukes all who fail. They are seen by some societies as the role models never to be followed, and even as people being cursed for the wrong things done at a certain point in life. On the other hand, other more mindful people have a different perception of failure to the point of taking it as a necessary step in achieving success. And finally, another group of people who believe that no matter what kind of failure you are going through, it is the attitude of man in tribulation and through it that will determine who he will be.


When we were younger, as little rascals who sought to approach young girls, we made ready-made sentences like « When GOD created man, we boys were the rough draft and you girls were the masterpieces « . It flattered them, made them smile and then they paid us their attention. But it’s crazy what children can tell seeming truths because, although this expression is tolerated by the chronology of man’s creation, it is proven that success is the sum of mistakes and therefore failures.

Mr Salomon Mbutcho believes that failure is over-publicized, misunderstood and poorly regarded. He believes that a life without failure is a life without experience even though some say they can learn from the failures of others. It is also so fundamental to try a little bit to define what failure is according to him, being fear, hesitations and doubt creating in the short and medium term a state of temporary or definitive stopping or blocking of all plans for a better and next approach. These stops, blocks, hesitation and over-analysis create a lack of confidence at the root of all failure.

In all aspects of your life’s projects, you should therefore be able to understand failure because, reading it incorrectly results in another failure. Do not get easily discouraged by misreading or incomplete reading of the verdict. There will never be more than three unique answers to all your questions related to your projects:

  • « Yes go ahead, it will work »
  •  » It won’t work « 
  •  » Yes but, not now « 

However, “It won’t work” and “Yes but, not now” will both appear to be failures and have the same symptoms of stopping, freezing and hesitating, will you really be able to discern whether it’s temporary or permanent. For those who will understand, it will be your ability to make the discernment between these two situations that will make your future success because your appropriate reaction will give you the direction to take for the next step.

Your retreat and change of course in front of « it will not work » will allow you to redirect your energies towards greener pastures while the retreat in front of « yes but not now » will allow you to better apprehend the capacity to be forged by the force of time. That is preparation.

The only time in life when I endorse the expression: « only the end justifies the means », it is in the case of failure because, whether or not it is perceived as a shame or a laughing stock, as a curse or witchcraft, only its outcome counts. Failure will indeed always bring its share of experience that should not be repeated, immediately sharpening your gift of discernment, your visual, spiritual and intellectual acuity, as well as your patience. It is because of its attributes that it will be said that it is your attitudes of humility and curvature of spines that will determine your future altitudes.

The more you complain and fight against the air, the more you will sink but the more you will try in peace and patience to read the course to be taken, the better your visibility will be and soon your « yes but not now » will turn into  » yes go ahead, it will work ”.

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