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  • If you don’t have an active and solvent bank account you do not exist, according to Salomon MBUTCHO
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If you don’t have an active and solvent bank account you do not exist, according to Salomon MBUTCHO

Mr Salomon MBUTCHO has said on several occasions that the world of finance only recognizes and defines someone by their solvency and nothing else. Despite the large population of young people in Africa, 90% of it is populated by people considered insolvent, simply because they are not listed as solvent in the banking system. Mr Salomon MBUTCHO makes a point of specifying for this purpose that it is about a comparison as unreasonable as to declare the Hawaiians as being the fastest of the world in a race of hundred 100 meters flat simply because one was unaware of the existence of the populations on mainland.

Even if there is no opacity in the selection criteria of financial institutions, we quickly realize by transposing the previous example to the world of finance, that it is no longer simply a question of opening an account, it is about existing and counting. We certainly had our ancestral habits, and our financial functioning, of which we were and still are very proud. It is often said by several eminent scientists, notably my compatriot, father and neighbor of Fass Monument (District of Dakar), Professor Cheikh Anta DIOP, that numbers, mathematics and even astrology were created on our continent, precisely in Egypt.

Mr Salomon MBUTCHO thinks that today, there is no point wondering how we got here, nor of trying to rest on laurels that Africa no longer has. According to him, it is simply a question today of existing in order to be able to benefit in the long term, from all the opportunities and platforms offered by financial institutions. A Senegalese proverb says: “If you arrive in a village where people are walking on their hands, roll over and walk on your hands”. It is time to update and face the demands of this new world that works algorithmically and in which the most excluded are Africans.

In this new world, opening a bank account and making it active and solvent is not a request but a requirement if you want to succeed. It is the intellectual understanding of finance that will individually develop and then globally drive the economic and financial development of the entire continent. Some wise people usually say that you have to be yourself, Mr Salomon MBUTCHO thinks it’s very original in everyday life, but in finance, the algorithm only recognizes by reading certain criteria which must be identical. The only differences remain in the amounts of money involved in accounts and transactions. In a future article, Mr Salomon MBUTCHO will talk about how to be more credible and how to obtain from institutions the sums necessary to launch your projects.

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