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Salomon Mbutcho

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Discovering Salomon Mbutcho, a successful entrepreneur

Among these sons and daughters of Africa with proven skills, there is undoubtedly Salomon Mbutcho. An exemplary entrepreneur who has distinguished himself on the African and international scene. Salomon Mbutcho is one of those lovers of Africa called “repats”. He is one of those Africans who, after a successful career abroad, have made the courageous choice to return to Africa to put their know-how at the service of the continent and contribute to its’ development. Considered a model in his field, he is one of the new builders of a flourishing Africa.


Who is Salomon Mbutcho?

Salomon Mbutcho is the Vice-President and founder of Mortgage Trust & Investments SA, MTI SA, a public limited company with a capital of one billion CFA francs (1,000,000,000 F CFA), whose headquarters are at 1200 logements in, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Salomon Mbutcho is a French businessman, expert in real estate project financing, fundraising, project management, and international consultant.

Married with children, Salomon Mbutcho was born on August 26, 1969 in Dakar, Senegal, to a Senegalese mother and a father of Cameroonian origin, from whom he inherited his passion for real estate.

His father, Timothée Mbutcho was one of the first indigenous real estate agents in Africa with Standing Immobilier opposite the Guigon Pharmacy, at 92 avenue Georges Pompidou (Senegal). As for his mother, she was the owner of the former fish shop Kermel located at the Kermel market, Dakar (Senegal) in partnership with Sardinafric of Jacques LIMANTOUR (French shipowner) and the late Diallo Pitche (Senegalese shipowner).


School curriculum

After his primary studies at the Sacré Cœur in Dakar, he began his secondary studies at the Cours Sainte Marie de Hann, which he then completed in France in terminale C class at the College Sainte Barbe Paris V.


Salomon Mbutcho spent his first two university years at American Business School, located at the time at the avenue de la grande armée, in the 16th arrondissement of Paris (1990). He then joined Boston Business School in the USA to complete the rest of his studies there.


His professional experience

After his studies, he stayed at Commonwealth Avenue in Boston to create his own company called “Salobi Enterprise” in January 1993, trading internationally in fuel, sugars and other commodities with a former bank called Bay Bank.

Six months later, he created a new company called “Family Auto Wholesalers” in Lowel Massachussetts then in K Street of South Boston. A company specialized in the sale of second-hand vehicles seized by banks. He was then collaborating with the collection departments of banks and financial institutions (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Capital one, Pinnacle Finance, Mid Atlantic Finance, Citibank to name but a few), in order to assess the values ​​of the tens of thousands of cars they seized and parked for non-payment, in the first phase.


The second phase consisted of finding new buyers for as many cars as possible within a week before they were sold at auction, in order to redeem the cash debts, or finance them through other banks than those which carried out the seizures. And it was at Tyson’s corner in Virginia that he specialized deeply in car loans and took off in the field of financing.


On the strength of this success, he established himself as a true serial entrepreneur and founded a new company called “” (in literal translation “pay the balance of” based in Felton, State of Delaware, in Waldorf (suburbs of Washington DC), State of Maryland, and in Parksburg, State of Pennsylvania. Through this new company, he has helped tens of thousands of people and businesses obtain vehicles with cash or credit, often without down payment. In December 2008, Salomon Mbutcho decided to return to Senegal, his birth country, to contribute to its development.


Salomon Mbutcho, a seasoned writer

Salomon Mbutcho is multidisciplinary and masters a large number of relevant subjects. In addition to his operational actions in the field, he made a variety of works available to his contemporaries. These masterpieces are an anthology of reflections, stories and advice from his various experiences.


To his credit, he has seven books, in particular, “The “wholly” book of real estate”, “Illegal immigration or the flip side of the medal”, “Love does not make the monk”, “Polish station I”, “Polish station II”, “The little death”, “Seven Days in Heaven”.

Books that not only deal with sensitive issues, but also provide lasting solutions to resolve them.


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